Audio Visual – Yacht AV and Control Systems Training



Yacht AV systems are usually high-end, bespoke, complex and extensive.  Further to this, they’re a major part of the guest experience. However, training and experience with each main system component is needed outside of courses offered by manufacturers.  These courses are designed for technicians installing and programming the systems, so they are much more in-depth than seafarers maintaining systems require.  

This course is designed to provide base knowledge on the main common software and systems used on yachts.  Systems such as Crestron, Kaleidescape, Lutron and Soundweb are examples of what may be taught in this course depending on the location where seafarers undertake their training. 

Students are taught the common tasks likely to be encountered onboard and how to troubleshoot problems.


No prerequisite training or qualifications are required to enrol in this course.


This is usually a 5-day course comprising both theory and practical components; however, some schools offer an adapted online version.