Basic Training for Ships Operating in Polar Waters



 This course provides training to officers in charge of a navigational watch to operate vessels in polar waters and address those additional provisions as required by the Polar Code to take into account the climatic conditions of polar waters and meet appropriate standards of maritime safety and pollution prevention.

 Polar Waters includes both Arctic and Antarctic waters as defined in SOLAS and MARPOL regulations.

A trainee successfully completing this course will gain:


Every candidate for a certificate in basic training for ships operating in polar waters shall hold a certificate as master, chief mate or officer in charge of a navigation watch qualified in accordance with regulations 11/1, 11/2 and 11/3 of the STCW Convention, respectively or equivalent as determined by the national administration. 


This course is a combination of lecture and simulation training over approximately 34 hours. This course may be offered in-person or online.