Crisis Management and Human Behaviour



This course primarily aims to meet the mandatory minimum requirements for training personnel aboard ro-ro passenger vessels and passenger vessels other than ro-ro passenger vessels. However, regardless of vessel type, it is a valuable course for masters, chief mates, officers, and any person assigned immediate responsibility for embarking and disembarking passengers; loading, discharging or securing cargo or closing hull openings; and any other person having responsibility for the safety of passengers in emergency situations required by Regulation V/2, pa.7 and 8, of the STCW Convention, and specified in Section A-V/2 pa.4 and 5. 

This course offers guidance on the main factors to be aware of in a crisis situation and measures that should be deployed, such as how to use available resources, how to cope with stress and how to communicate effectively with passengers and crew members.


There are no specific entry standards for the training in this course. However, all personnel having specific responsibilities on board detailed in Section A-V/2 and Section A­V/3 pa: 4 and 5 must undertake this training. 


This course is a 1-day course for passenger’s vessels, but for those requiring certification for ro-ro passenger vessels, the training is extended to 2 days.  Many training facilities now offer this course online as well as in person.