Helicopter Landing Officer



The Helicopter Landing Officer, also known as HLO, is responsible for ensuring all helicopter operations on the vessel are conducted safely and efficiently. The HLO commands a team, which is usually made up of members of the vessel’s crew, known as HDA’s (Helideck Assistants). The assistants themselves are also trained in passenger and freight handling, helicopter safety and fire and rescue.

The correct performance of standard procedures and a swift response to emergency situations by the helideck team are the key factors in the safety of all crew and passengers on the vessel and helicopter. The HLO is the primary link between the vessel and the helicopter and is in overall charge of the helideck during flight operations. 

On completion of the training, the trainees will have a good understanding of the organisational requirements for the operation of helicopters from helidecks. The HLO will:


Prior to attending this course, trainees must have completed the following: 


This is usually a 1-day course made up of theory and practical sessions with a short 1 hour written exam but can vary depending on the location that the course is taken.