How to Navigate the 2024 Superyacht job market

The beginning of 2024 brings with it a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead in the dynamic world of superyacht crewing. Academy by Ephemeris is not a crew recruitment portal, but we are invested in helping crew create the superyacht career of their dreams. In this article we lay out some of the past year’s insights and look into future trends that are essential for those seeking success in this competitive industry.

Review of 2023 and Industry Insights:

In the retrospective lens, YPI Crew’s President, Laurence Lewis, shared compelling recruitment statistics for 2023. Despite challenges in the job market, nearly 900 crew members found placements, a noteworthy achievement. The industry saw a decline in yacht sales, with 151 fewer sold between 2022 and 2023, as reported by Boat International media. Visualizing crew placements through a chart provides a glimpse into vessel types and sizes, offering valuable insights for navigating 2024.

Outlook for 2024:

Turning our gaze toward the future, Dockwalk’s January 2024 issue sheds light on the 2024 Global Order Book. Although there’s a slight decrease in the number of builds, the combined meter of builds under construction only dropped by 1.2%. While fewer builds may be in progress, the substantial size of vessels under construction still indicates a demand for a significant number of crew members.

Graphs extracted from the Dockwalk report reveal critical statistics. The current vessels in operation versus crew estimates suggest 94,201 potential jobs at the high crew level.

Additionally, projects ordered or in build hint at 11,890 potential jobs when these vessels hit the waters. Despite the competitive job market, the superyacht industry remains lucrative.

So what will 2024 bring?

We can see from the numbers the industry is putting out, we might be seeing more job openings this year, but this does not mean we can relax. The superyacht crew members that will be successful in this year are the ones who place emphasis on investing in their training and expanding their knowledge base to become all round professional and skilled members of the industry.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Navigating the job market unveils its competitive nature. A quick search on a superyacht jobs board highlights the challenge, 82 pages of deckhands available in the 1 – 2 years of experience rage which results in over 2000 candidates looking for the same job as you are.

The underlying issue in the superyacht crew realm, is the demand for quality, professional, and well-trained crew members capable of handling the technicalities of their roles and meet the service expectation required for these luxurious complex vessels.

This is where the opportunity lies for crew members who are dedicated to the success of their superyacht careers.

Navigating Yacht Crew Seasons

What can I do to cease the opportunity and stand out?

To succeed in this competitive landscape, consider the following strategies:

Determine Your Career Goals:

Chart a clear path for your career, and use the career guides laid out for Deck, Engineering, and Interior departments to determine your long-term goals. This will keep you focused and determined. A captain or owner can also see then that you have long term goals in mind, and you are serious about your career and future prospects. A captain or owner will be more inclined to hire you if they can see that you are focused, determined and decisive.

Train, Train, Train

It is imperative to undergo the proper training so that you can be equipped with the knowledge you need to fulfill your job role. Crew members who attend professional training are taught the necessary skills in a very practical way which ensures that you are ready to handle real life situations onboard. This will help you to fulfill the quality crew need.

Upskill and diversify!

Your personal improvement and additional skills other than the mandatory also speak to the fact that you are determined to go out of your way not just to do what you must but that you are willing to go the extra mile to become a superyacht professional. Diversification of your knowledge base to other departments and job roles also helps you become an all-round candidate which is an asset to any team.

If you’re a deck hand take a Food safety course or join a program like the Progressive crew Career program so at the very least, you can expand your knowledge of other departments. Not because you must, but because you strive to be an asset to any team you join.

Navigating Yacht Crew Seasons

Academy by Ephemeris: Your Gateway to Success:

Recognizing the need for quality crew, Academy by Ephemeris offers a comprehensive superyacht career guidance platform. This platform equips aspiring crew members with resources for career goal mapping, professional training, and upskilling. Whether you seek information on career steps, training providers, or e-learning courses, Academy by Ephemeris provides a one-stop solution.


As we embark on 2024, the superyacht industry promises more job openings, but success hinges on proactive measures. Invest in training, expand your knowledge base, and consider Academy by Ephemeris as your ally in achieving professional excellence. By staying ahead of the curve, you position yourself as a valuable asset in this competitive and evolving industry.