Mile Builder Program

Earn sea time and experience while cruising the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea.

The MILE BUILDER PROGRAMME is designed to provide vessels, supervision, training and experience for both recreational sailors, who wish to build confidence sailing in a controlled setting, as well as for professional seafarers wishing to earn the sea time and miles that they require to complete commercial certifications.

Modern sail boat with seafarers aboard gaining miles


As a professional seafarer, earning experience, miles and the required sea time on vessels 10-24 metres in length can be difficult to achieve while working on superyachts. The MILE BUILDER PROGRAMME provides focussed training and supervision to build and document your sea time. On completion of the programme, your sea time will be signed off and stamped by our professional trainers ready for your course enrolment.

Professional crew members accumulating miles
Crew members advancing their careers Sail boat cutting through water
Sail boat listing to the side

Unsure of the miles and sea time you need?

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What to expect from MILE BUILDER

During the programme you will gain invaluable experience of night sailing, crew management and really experiencing life at sea! This is a perfect programme for newly qualified Day Skipper’s to consolidate their knowledge and increase their skill base in preparation for a yacht charter or sailing holiday as well as those working towards accredited certification that requires miles. Rates for the Mile Builder Programme are from €36 per person per hour.

While building your miles you will experience:

  • Technical sailing, safely moving the vessel through numerous wind angles.
  • Long distance, same tack, sailing.
  • Boat handling including anchoring in various anchorages, mooring and docking.
  • Night sailing, including watch leader roles during hours of darkness.
  • Navigation responsibilities, including VHF radio communications.
Map of the best mile builder routes
Crew member steering a sail boat

Mile builder for recreational sailors

Whether you wish to complete recreational certifications, or simply wish to gain experience sailing, the MILE BUILDER PROGRAMME is perfect for you. Many people dream of buying a sail boat and spending their free time cruising coastlines, while relaxing with family and friends in secluded bays. However, to keep all those on board safe while at sea, experience is needed. MILE BUILDER provides a platform to gain this experience, in a controlled environment and on immaculate sail boats.

Turkey – the perfect destination to build your miles!

The Turkish Aegean coastline is unique, with every village and island offering its own hidden gems, friendly people, architecture, traditional crafts and cuisine. The hospitality and charm in the small villages are all about food culture and family values. These families are inviting and genuine people who care about each other, the community and their guests.

Turkey also offers accredited training centres that provide MCA approved training courses and incredible sailing with spectacular scenery. Due to Turkey’s global economic standing, the cost of travelling/living in Turkey, if you enter with foreign currency, is deemed to be inexpensive and, unlike many countries, Turkey welcomes most nationalities with their easy no-fuss e-visa system. A 5-minute online visa application process issues most nationalities tourist visas for 30-90 days, a quick and rewarding process.

Guests having a picnic on the picnic boat
Professional crew member operating yacht equipment
Professional crew member operating yacht equipment
Professional crew member operating yacht equipment


Choose between a collection of truly unique, spacious and bespoke accommodation options – each one personally crafted around the timeless beauty of the surroundings. Whether you choose to stay in a high-end hotel within a luxury resort or immersed in a cultural experience in town – we offer our guests the opportunity to explore the region in a way that suits your budget and style. Accommodation rates are from €70 per person per night, and most of the hotels include a large breakfast.

Exquisite olympic size pool in Turkey
Immaculately kept grounds in Turkey
Exceptional room quality in Turkey