1/2 Day GUEST Cigars Course 250 Euros

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Introducing the IAMI GUEST Advanced Cigar Service Unit 06, an integral part of our comprehensive GUEST Advanced Program, meticulously designed to prepare individuals for the esteemed role of Senior Steward/ess aboard Superyachts.


This course is your gateway to the world of cigars, and it welcomes participants with open arms, requiring no formal basic training or prior onboard experience. Here's what you can expect:


Course Description:

Our program provides a solid theoretical foundation, equipping candidates with the confidence and knowledge to handle cigars with finesse and develop a deeper appreciation for this luxurious indulgence. From understanding the intricate processes of cigar production to mastering the correct handling methods and knowing how to respond when a guest requests a cigar, this module covers it all.


Course Content:


History and Production: Explore the rich history and intricate artistry behind cigar production.

Purchasing and Ordering: Learn the ins and outs of procuring the finest cigars and making informed orders.

Storage and Handling: Discover the secrets to preserving and handling cigars with care to maintain their quality.

Cutting / Lighting / Serving: Master the essential skills of cutting, lighting, and serving cigars to perfection.

Minimum requirements? None! This Unit welcomes enthusiasts from all walks of life, with no formal training or onboard experience needed. However, please note that the age limit for attending the GUEST© Program is strictly 18 years old or over.


Unlock the world of cigars, enhance your service skills, and embark on a journey into the realm of luxury with the IAMI GUEST Advanced Cigar Service Unit 06.


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