1-Day IAMI GUEST Human Resources & Crew Wellbeing – Unit 30

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Unit 30 is an integral component of the GUEST III Management Program, meticulously crafted to prepare individuals for the prestigious role of Chief Steward/ess on a Superyacht.


Our IAMI GUEST Yacht Administrations Program is perfectly suited for those entrusted with yacht accounting and administrative responsibilities that complement other critical onboard positions, including Captain, Chief Officer, or Purser. Tailored to provide students with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to proficiently manage various administration tasks within the onboard operations, this program equips you for success.


In today's yachting industry, the demands of yacht administration have experienced a significant surge in complexity. Most Heads of Department now shoulder various aspects of onboard administration, spanning from meticulous accounting to precise event planning. Our GUEST Administration Program comprehensively covers this multifaceted landscape, ensuring that you are well-prepared to handle the full spectrum of administrative duties, effectively supporting the seamless functioning of the vessel.


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