2-Day ITA Advanced Housekeeping, Valet & Laundry



Elevate your housekeeping and organization skills to a professional level with our immersive two-day course. Designed to equip you with advanced expertise in maintaining and orchestrating the seamless operation of the Guest Interior, this program covers a comprehensive range of topics.


The course begins with a thorough review of Housekeeping fundamentals before delving into more advanced theories, including the intricate care and maintenance of surfaces and fabrics. We place a strong emphasis on anticipating guest needs, mastering time management, and underscoring the critical role of meticulous attention to detail within the Housekeeping department.


Unlock invaluable insights, practical training, and insider tips on optimizing onboard laundry services. Our course not only offers a detailed overview but also hands-on practice sessions for professional garment and linen ironing. We reveal time-saving procedures and simple yet effective steps that ensure top-notch equipment, garment, and linen care standards are maintained.


Furthermore, our program covers essential aspects of valet service, shedding light on the pivotal relationship between employers/guests and valets. You'll learn to deliver efficient valet services, including the handling of guest clothing and accessories, suitcase packing, and wardrobe management. Delve into the art of ironing and pressing guest attire, expertly care for shoes, understand the nuances of appropriate attire for different occasions, and even master the skill of tying a bowtie.


Join us in this immersive hands-on course and elevate your proficiency in housekeeping, laundry services, and valet expertise to provide the utmost satisfaction to your guests.


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