21st Century Seamanship Book


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21st Century Seamanship Book

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This book is an all-inclusive manual for sailors of all levels, encompassing various topics such as ship varieties, management and steadiness, onboard protocols and apparatus, guidelines, and crisis management. This publication consists of 1,300 pages, integrating timeless principles of exceptional seamanship with present-day practicality.



This publication is available in ebook format. If you wish to purchase a printed copy, kindly reach out to us at:

Email: support@ephemeris.academy



Get ready to sail with the 21st century seamanship.


The 21st century seamanship ebook aims to provide seafarers with the necessary information and guidance to excel in their careers.

The book starts by discussing different types of ships and their unique characteristics, highlighting the importance of understanding each vessel’s specific challenges and requirements. It then delves into topics such as ship handling and stability, emphasizing the need for seafarers to understand ship dynamics and manoeuvring techniques.


Onboard procedures and equipment are also covered in detail, including information on safety equipment, communication systems, and emergency procedures. The book stresses the importance of preparedness and adherence to protocols to ensure the safety and security of crew members and the ship.

Regulations play a significant role in the maritime industry, and this book provides a comprehensive overview of the various international and national rules that seafarers must comply with. It explains the purpose of these regulations and their implications for ship operations and crew members.


Emergency response is a critical aspect of seamanship, and the book offers guidance on how to effectively respond to emergencies such as fire, flooding, and medical situations. It emphasizes the importance of quick thinking, proper training, and teamwork in handling emergencies at sea.

This book aims to equip seafarers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the ever-changing maritime industry. It combines traditional values of good seamanship with modern-day realities, recognizing the importance of technology, regulations, and safety in today’s shipping industry. Whether someone is just starting their career at sea or is an experienced seafarer, this book is a valuable resource for all levels of seafaring.


Contents Listing:

Chapter 1 General Cargo Ship Types

Chapter 2 Tankers

Chapter 3 Other Ship Types

Chapter 4 Offshore Marine Operations

Chapter 5 Machinery and Equipment

Chapter 6 Pilotage

Chapter 7 Ship Handling

Chapter 8 Anchorwork

Chapter 9 Tugs and Towing

Chapter 10 Mooring Operations and Safety

Chapter 11 Waterways, River Transits and Canals

Chapter 12 Preparing a Ship for Ice

Chapter 13 Non-Standard Operations

Chapter 14 Stood by New Builds

Chapter 15 Paints and Coatings

Chapter 16 Drydock

Chapter 17 Lay-up of Ships

Chapter 18 Heavy Weather

Chapter 19 Participating in SAR

Chapter 20 Oil Spills/Pollution

Chapter 21 Practical Aspects of Salvage

Chapter 22 Main Conventions and Codes

Chapter 23 Recent Regulations

Chapter 24 Certification and Endorsements

Chapter 25 Business and Chartering

Chapter 26 Conflict and Issues Affecting Shipping

Chapter 27 Fines for Ships and Ships’ Staff

Chapter 28 In Port and Alongside

Chapter 29 Shipboard Inspections

Chapter 30 Surveys and Classification

Chapter 31 Systems of Work

Chapter 32 Permit to Work

Chapter 33 Enclosed Space Entry

Chapter 34 Health

Chapter 35 Housekeeping on Board

Chapter 36 Ships’ Equipment and Maintenance

Chapter 37 Lifeboat Release Mechanisms

Chapter 38 Fire-fighting

Chapter 39 Shipboard Drills

Chapter 40 Accident Investigation

Chapter 41 Stability

Chapter 42 Damage Stability

Chapter 43 Hull Monitoring and Inspection

Chapter 44 Energy Efficiency

Chapter 45 Ship Recycling

Chapter 46 Traditional Seamanship

Chapter 47 Wires, Ropes, Chains, Shackles & Slings

Chapter 48 Cranes and Lifting Equipment

Chapter 49 Checklists

Chapter 50 Tsunamis and Marine Phenomena



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