3 Days GUEST Foundation Leadership

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Unit 17, known as the Foundation Leadership module, serves as a dynamic platform for personal development. It offers invaluable guidance and resources for cultivating effective leadership styles, exploring affiliated leadership techniques, and refining communication methods, all in pursuit of meeting the occupational requirements of leadership roles within the realm of Superyachts. This program is particularly relevant for those with some prior basic leadership training, on-board experience up to an Operational Level, or aspiring leaders.


The IAMI GUEST Leadership Program is a strategic support system designed to empower professional Heads of Department who lead teams or oversee other onboard personnel. It equips individuals with the essential skills needed to comprehend the profound influence they wield as leaders and the responsibility they hold within their designated roles. The GUEST Leadership Units are meticulously structured to provide progressive training opportunities for all onboard "team leaders."


The Foundation Leadership Unit focuses on equipping participants to navigate the challenges that come with assuming a Head of Department position, especially for those stepping into this role for the first time. Topics include motivating individuals and teams, effective communication strategies, principles of resource management, and conflict resolution techniques.


The Advanced Leadership Unit takes the acquired skills to the next level, emphasizing the impact a leader has on the entire team. This module delves into self-motivation, empathy, approachability, diplomacy, motivating and influencing individuals and teams, and mediating potential conflicts. It offers a comprehensive toolkit for leaders seeking to excel within the ranks and elevate their leadership capabilities.


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