3 Days WSET L2 Wine Course



Explore the captivating world of wines with our comprehensive qualification, designed to take your wine knowledge to new heights. This course offers an in-depth journey into the geography of wine regions, refined tasting techniques, and an exquisite selection of international wines for you to savour and evaluate. It's a professional yet engaging and enjoyable experience that will elevate your wine appreciation and understanding.


Building upon the foundation laid in the Introductory WSET Level 1 course, this qualification welcomes participants with varying levels of wine knowledge. You don't need any prior wine experience – just a dash of curiosity and an abundance of enthusiasm.


Course Pre-requisite: No previous qualifications are required, although holding the WSET Level 1 certification is advantageous.


Additionally, our qualification is accredited as the GUEST Advanced Wine Appreciation Module II in the GUEST Program, ensuring that you receive top-notch, industry-recognized training. Join us on this wine odyssey and embark on a journey of professional wine appreciation that's as entertaining as it is educational!


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