Advanced Bartending & Mixology II Unit 15 - ON REMOTE LIVE SESSION - GUEST Program - IAMI

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Overview:    This carefully crafted module caters to the onboard crew, providing a mixology course with a meticulously developed syllabus. The course aims to furnish participants with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling them to master the latest trends in cocktails and advanced techniques of international mixology. Geared towards transforming participants into accomplished bartenders, the course elevates the crew's capabilities in cocktail crafting and enhances their understanding of the finest equipment and ingredients.   Contents:   Module 1:                  1 1. Luxury Mise & Place Bar & Beverage Service                  1.2. Glassware, Cocktail & Service Utensils                  1.3 Study of the products and families of Alcoholic Beverages, Spirits   Module 2:                  2 .1 Cocktail categories                  2.2 Preparation Techniques                  2.3 Cocktail Creation   Module 3:                  3.1. How to prepare cocktail recipes                  3.2. International Cocktails-Classics recipes                  3.3 Mixology Cocktail Recipes   Certification:   This course taught by Barcelona Crew Academy does not include a Diploma. The fee per diploma is 28,00€   Details to take note of:   Once you have purchased the course, you will be enrolled and gain access to the online platform to undertake your self-study and complete assessments. You will also be required to attend the in-person or live-stream classes. This course requires basic bar service knowledge, one season of experience as a steward/ess and a Food Safety and Hygiene level 2 certificate.    Assessment process:   Assessment Criteria is achieved through the assessment process of practical demonstrations by applying skills, supported by Assessments through final exams and assignments testing. 


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