Approved Engine Course (AEC) Part 1 - MCGA approved



An Approved Engine Course Part 1 aligns with the requirements stipulated by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s code of practice for the safety of large commercial sailing and motor vessels, as well as the Department of Transport’s guidelines including "The safety of small commercial vessels – A code of practice" and "The safety of small commercial sailing vessels – A code of practice".

The MCA Approved Engine Course (AEC) elevates your understanding beyond the scope of the RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance course, advancing it to a more comprehensive level. This course offers both practical hands-on training and theoretical knowledge on diesel engines. It equips participants to serve as engineers or dual deck engineers aboard yachts and enhances the skillset for those intending to captain smaller yachts.

Training Outcome:

MCA Approved Engine Training Course Certificate Syllabus:

·       General principles of compression ignition engines

·       Two- and four-stroke operation cycles and construction details

·       Fuel system and the role of air in the combustion process

·       Cooling systems and lubrication technology

·       Power transmission units and hull fittings

·       Engine electrical systems

·       Safe working practices and pollution legislation

·       Bottled LPG installations


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