Approved Engine Course (AEC) Part 2 - MCGA approved



This course holds approval from the UK’s Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) and is tailored for individuals who own or operate small inshore and pleasure vessels. Additionally, AEC Part 2 is suitable for junior engineering staff already engaged in or preparing for work within the engineering department of a superyacht.


The course delivery incorporates both classroom sessions and practical exercises, with an equal distribution of approximately 50% theory and 50% hands-on training. Its curriculum encompasses various topics including safe engineering practices, fundamental operation of engineering systems such as refrigeration, legislative requirements (documentation and record-keeping), maintenance procedures and methodologies, safe work protocols, lifting and slinging techniques, electrical supply systems, hydraulic systems, freshwater and sewage systems, and planned maintenance systems.

Training Outcome:

There are eleven outcomes to the training:

Outcome 1 – The learner understands the components and their arrangement in a compression type refrigerant plant and understand basic fault finding

Outcome 2 – Demonstrate a knowledge of the legislative and management requirements within engineering operations

Outcome 3 – Demonstrate knowledge of maintenance systems on-board

Outcome 4 – Demonstrate the knowledge of safe systems of work within an engineering environment

Outcome 5 – Demonstrate the knowledge of safe operations when undertaking lifting and/or slinging operations:

Outcome 6 – Demonstrate the knowledge of the electrical distribution system on-board

Outcome 7 – Demonstrate knowledge to maintain basic hydraulic systems

Outcome 8 – Demonstrate knowledge and the practical skills to undertake basic maintenance

Outcome 9 – Demonstrate knowledge and the practical skills to undertake basic maintenance

Outcome 10 – Demonstrate knowledge of the Fresh Water system onboard.

Outcome 11- Demonstrate knowledge of the Sewage system onboard.


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