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Arthur Beale Splicing Kit


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Arthur Beale Splicing Kit

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The Arthur Beale Splicing Kit contains all you need to splice three strand lines and to master your knots. A perfect addition to your line collection. 


The handy to use splicing kit includes the following items:  


  • Knots and Splices Book – explaining everything you need to get underway; 
  • Right or left handed sailors palm (please select an option); 
  • 170 mm Swedish fid; 
  • Pack of five needles; 
  • Reel of No4 whipping twine; 
  • 2 x 1 m lengths of 8 mm coloured braided rope to practise your knots; 
  • 1 m length of 10 mm diameter artificial hemp to practise your splicing. 
  • To keep everything handy for future use the kits are packed in either a robust Arthur Beale Zipper Bag or a splendid Long Handled Arthur Beale Ditty Bag. 



This splicing kit is an essential addition to the Efficient Deck Hand course up to Master of Yachts Coastal and Limited.  



The Arthur Beale Splicing kit includes all the necessary tools to develop vital line-handling skills for work on deck.  



It also comes with a zipper bag to keep your tools organized and in good condition for years to come. 



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