BECOME a CHIEF Steward/ess PACK COC - Online





The IAMI Accredited Yacht Training, administered via the GUEST Program, stands globally recognized as the benchmark for Large Yacht Qualifications & Assessment Standards. Comprising a portfolio of targeted courses, this program significantly elevates the skills of Superyacht Professionals. This package contains contain the mandatory courses to become a chief steward/ess 




This Package contains the following courses:  


  • Interior Management, event & destination planning & HR - Unit 36 

  • Advanced Leadership & Management IAMI-Guest Unit 22 

  • Human Resources, Performance Management, Crew Retention & Wellbeing - Unit 30 

Yacht Accounting, Bookkeeping & Budgeting - Unit 21 


Certification: The training provided by Barcelona Crew Academy includes a Diploma Certificate and is awarded by, the Guest Program- IAMI 


Details to take note of: Once you have purchased the course you will be enrolled and gain access to the online platform to undertake your self-study and complete assessments. You will also be required to attend the class either in person or Live stream. 



Assessment process: Assessment Criteria is achieved through the assessment process of practical demonstrations by applying skills, supported by Assessments through final exam and assignments testing.


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