Bridge Resource Management Guidance Book


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Bridge Resource Management Guidance Book

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A practical guidebook called ‘Bridge Resource Management Guidance’ is available for those looking to learn about effective management practices and techniques for building efficient bridge teams. This guidebook offers readers the necessary principles and practices to prevent any failures during a berth-to-berth voyage.


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Bridge Resource Management Guidance 

This publication delves into the human and technical resources utilized by the bridge team to ensure the ship’s voyage is completed safely. 

Tools such as the PACE model explain how the crew can address operational weaknesses while avoiding confrontation on board. Case studies offer practical examples of ineffective BRM and solutions for how to improve passage planning. Illustrations effectively explain manning levels and the navigator/co-navigator concept. The publication is purely guidance and must be used at the reader’s own discretion.  


Contents Listing:  

Bridge Resource Management (BRM) is an operational philosophy, developed with the aim of avoiding single point failures in planning and executing a berth to berth voyage.  

During the early 1990s, BRM was established in the maritime industry as an effective management tool that utilizes all resources, both human and technical, at the disposal of the bridge team to ensure the safe completion of the ship’s voyage. 


This guidance emphasises the shift from the traditional focus on non-technical skills to passage plans with clear limits for intervention.  

Having a clear plan can help prevent failures and achieve the goal of BRM. Anyone on the team can step in during critical stages to make sure everything goes smoothly. 


BRM is assisted by:  

  • Planning clear operational limits to facilitate timely interventions, through use of a shared mental model  
  • a role-based bridge organisation that makes effective use of the resources available to the bridge team and the pilot  
  • effective communication, teamwork and leadership.  


Effective management, communication, and teamwork are crucial in preventing incidents in the maritime industry. This guidance seeks to highlight common issues and discuss the high-level principles of BRM, and why it matters.  

BRM focuses on principles that apply to all mariners and are based on the premise that humans are fallible and that incidents can be prevented with timely interventions.  


This guidance complements the work already available by filling gaps in understanding and current procedures. It is not ‘best practice’, but seeks to standardise BRM principles, define roles and responsibilities and develop the navigator/co-navigator concept 

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