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Cigar Service Module Unit 06 - GUEST Program - LIVE SESSION

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Enjoy an interactive cigar tutorial covering the cigar basics, including the history of cigars, growing regions, the cigar different sizes, appreciation body, strength and flavours, brands, cigar service on board, smoking, cutting and storing and care, final Cigar appreciation and Whisky pairing.


1 day 


Students will have access to all the content of the course on the online platform 24/7. Therefore, they can work at their own pace, doing assignments and preparing the content before attending the live session by zoom. a Barcelona Crew Academy expert teacher will deliver the live session in the field. Once the students have done all the assignments, quizzes and self-study work on the online platform, they will demonstrate their knowledge in a final exam online exam. Through all the processes, you will have a personal tuition teacher.

Assessment process:

Assessment Criteria is achieved through the assessment process of practical demonstrations by applying skills, supported by Assessments through written exams, discussion testing or assignment testing.


  • 18 years old and over
  • English fluent


The training provided by Barcelona Crew Academy includes a Diploma Certificate is awarded by the Guest Program- IAMI  is an MCA accepted interior training Barcelona Crew Academy is a member of the Professional Yachting Association.



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