Sound and Light Signals Flip Card Pack


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Sound and Light Signals Flip Card Pack

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Discover the richness of maritime knowledge with the COLREGS Part D Sound and Light Signals Flip Card Pack – a thorough guide highlighting vital signals used by ships at sea.

Tailored exclusively for maritime signalling, this pack sets itself apart from Lights and Shapes cards that focus on navigation.




Boost your grasp of maritime signaling protocols with Flip Cards – an essential tool for sailors aiming for expertise. Designed for a clear and efficient learning journey, these cards focus on key communication methods for ships, seamlessly aligning with COLREGS Part D.

Understand the world of sound and light signals using this indispensable resource to enhance your proficiency in maritime communication. Including lights, fog signals, distress, and search and rescue signals, these flip cards distinctly prioritize maritime signaling, setting them apart from Lights and Shapes Flip Cards that emphasize navigation signs.

Each card not only visually represents the signal but also offers comprehensive explanations on the reverse side. With a total of 47 cards in the pack, explore this informative collection to deepen your understanding of essential maritime signals. Elevate your knowledge and expertise today.


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