HABC Food service Level 2 City & Guilds

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Welcome to Food Safety Level 2, the essential qualification tailored for chefs, stewardesses, and all food handlers. Whether you're already working in the yachting industry or gearing up to join, this certification is your gateway to ensuring top-notch food safety standards.


Accredited by HABC and fully compliant with industry standards, including CISR, MCA, and many other flag states, our course covers critical topics such as:


Personal Responsibility and Food Safety: Understand your role in maintaining food safety.


Personal Hygiene: Learn best practices for personal cleanliness.


Keeping Work Areas Clean and Hygienic: Ensure your work environment is up to the highest sanitation standards.


Keeping Food Safe: Master the art of safe food handling, storage, preparation, and service.


Candidates who complete this qualification will gain a deep understanding that food safety is a collective responsibility, involving everyone engaged in food storage, preparation, cooking, and handling. These topics are endorsed by the Food Standards Agency as essential for upholding excellent food safety practices.


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