IALA area A Buoyage Pack


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IALA area A Buoyage Pack

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3D printed IALA area A Buoyage system markers

Build your understanding and proficiency in navigating buoyage systems with this set of 3D-printed buoy models and immerse yourself in a captivating model world.


These buoys are thoughtfully crafted to include their respective top marks or accurately replicate the familiar shapes observed at sea.


This pack contains 12 buoys representing the IALA A buoyage system, including:


  • Lateral Marks for an IALA A region
  • Preferred Channel Marks for an IALA A region
  • The Cardinal Marks
  • A Special Mark
  • An Isolated Danger Mark
  • An Emergency Wreck Buoy
  • A Safe Water Mark



With the IALA area A Buoyage system 3D Model markers you will get hands-on experience with their appearance and functionality to prepare for your exams and practical application at sea.  

These lightweight and visually impactful models also support your educational and professional development needs. 


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