IALA Buoyage – Area (A) Flip card pack


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IALA Buoyage – Area (A) Flip card pack

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Equip yourself with a comprehensive understanding of buoyage rules and develop the ability to recognize various marks with these IALA Area (A) Flip Cards instantly. 


Featuring 32 different buoys and navigational marks in vibrant colours, each card provides valuable information on the mark’s meaning, position, and light characteristics on its reverse side. 





Experience a comprehensive learning journey with this set encompassing both Cardinal and IALA marks, alongside the newer preferred channel buoys. Tailored for a complete learning experience, these Flip Cards concentrate on the ‘A’ Region buoys, commonly encountered across various global regions. A vital tool for seafarers, these cards are indispensable for mastering essential maritime knowledge. Elevate your learning with these focused and inclusive Flip Cards.


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