MCA approved Medical Care refresher



The training is based on the advice and procedures contained in the Ship Captain’s Medical Guide and consist of alternating periods of instruction in principles and procedures and practical exercises – 50% of this course is devoted to practical exercises. This training is intended for masters and other persons in charge of medical care on UK-flag vessels who are required to undertake refresher training in Proficiency in Medical Care on Board Ship every five years, in accordance with:

– EC Directive 92/29 EC

– Part 6 of the MCA Training and Certification Guidance – MGN 96 (M).

Course Content:

The emphasis of the training is directed towards the following general principles:


·       proper use of the equipment (with particular attention to new equipment) and medicines that are available on board

·       sources of information and up to date techniques for providing medical care on board

·       procedures for participation in co-ordinated schemes for medical assistance to ships including Medical Advice by Radio

·       revision of key points and fundamentals of first aid/medical care including:

·       recognition, diagnosis and treatment of the seriously ill adult

·       common medical conditions associated with the respiratory, cardiac and abdominal systems

·       appropriate life saving procedures for various life threatening situations

·       protection against infection and the spread of diseases

·       procedures for arranging the evacuation of a patient

·       the importance of documentation and record keeping.

·       on-going care and supervision until expert attention is available


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