MCA approved STCW 2010 Crisis Management & Human Behaviour


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Glasgow Maritime Academy

Deck > Crisis Management and Human Behaviour > Glasgow Maritime Academy > MCA approved STCW 2010 Crisis Management & Human Behaviour

MCA approved STCW 2010 Crisis Management & Human Behaviour

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The course welcomes participation from Masters, Chief Mates, Chief Engineer Officers, Second Engineer Officers, and any other personnel entrusted with passenger safety during emergency scenarios. It is meticulously crafted to align with the criteria outlined in:

·       Regulations V/2 of the STCW Convention and Code 1978, as amended.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a certificate issued by the college on behalf of the Maritime Coastguard Agency.

Training Outcome:

There are four outcomes to the training

Outcome 1: The learner understands the importance of ship board emergency procedures and knows how to organise them.

Outcome 2: The learner is able to control the response to emergencies on board.

Outcome 3: The learner is able to control passengers and other personnel during emergency situations.

Outcome 4: The learner is able to establish and maintain effective communications during emergency situations.

Course Content:

Impact of Ship’s design on emergency procedure,


·       Safety Regulations

·       Shipboard Emergency Plan,

·       Importance of preplanning and drills,

·       Importance of Debriefing

·       Dealing with emergency situations

·       Identifying shortfall in resources and its contingency measures

·       Effect of stress on performance,

·       Reaction and behaviour of passengers and shipboard personnel

·       Leadership Skills, Typical symptoms of stress in passengers and crew

·       Importance of clear instruction, giving instruction taking into account of language barrier

·       Passenger and crew concern about emergency situation,

·       Providing appropriate response to passenger and crew