Medical Care on board ships STCW 2010/95 - MCA Approved



This training is designed for seafarers designated to assume responsibility for medical care aboard a ship, adhering to:

·       Regulation VI/4 of the Annex to the STCW Convention and Section A-VI/4 (4–6) of the STCW Code

·       The Merchant Shipping (Training and Certification) Regulations 1997.

Upon completion of the training, participants will:

Demonstrate immediate first aid application in case of onboard accidents or illnesses.

Possess knowledge regarding reference materials, first aid, and medical equipment aboard, comprehending their utilization in accident and medical emergency management.

These objectives align with unit A12 of the marine national occupational standards.

Course Content:

The following general principles will be covered over the duration of this course:

·       Revision of basic first aid

·       Techniques for providing treatment and medical care to sick or injured seafarers while they remain on board ship

·       Proper use of the medical equipment and supplies carried aboard merchant ships

·       Sources of information, with reference to the advice and procedures contained in the Ship Captain’s Medical Guild

·       Procedures for participation in coordinated schemes for medical assistance to ships including Medical Advice by Radio

·       The importance of documentation and record keeping


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