Meteorology Flip Card Pack


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Meteorology Flip Card Pack

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Meteorology in UK Waters flip card pack  

The Flip Card learning pack is an excellent resource for those taking RYA courses and seeking to deepen their understanding of meteorology in UK waters. The content is comprehensive, covering important definitions in detail and providing a strong knowledge base. The impact of wind forces on sea states is vividly illustrated, making it easy to understand their effects and implications. Overall, this pack is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their meteorological knowledge of UK waters.

Each Meteorology Flip card pack contains 50 cards, including the instruction card.  



The pack includes a variety of photographs displaying different types of cloud formations and the corresponding weather systems. Each card features questions and answers on both sides, offering a total of 98 problem-solving opportunities for students. These cards are designed to help students understand meteorology and meet RYA course requirements.


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