Navigation for Masters

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This is a guide to all aspects of navigational practice for Masters. Topics covered include bridge procedures, navigation (including ice navigation and search and rescue (SAR)), passage planning and routeing.


Now in its 4th edition, it has been fully updated to include information on:

  • Continuing climate change
  • security issues and navigation
  • new regulations on long range identification and tracking (LRIT)
  • updates to ECDIS and GPS.

Contents Listing

Preface to Fourth Edition


List of Illustrations

1. Bridge Procedures

2. Navigation Precautions

3. Navigation in Port

4. Passage Planning

5. Ocean Passage Planning

6. Ocean Routeing

7. Ocean Currents

8. Ice Navigation

9. Tropical Revolving Storms and Abnormal Weather Phenomena

10. SAR Navigation and GMDSS

11. Marine Helicopter Operations

12. Offshore Navigation

13. Tide Calculations

14. Sources of Navigational Information Charts and Publications

15. Electronic Navigational Systems

Navigation Self-Examiner Bibliography Geographic Index Index


About the Author


David House


During his sea going career, David House served on a variety of vessels including dry and bulk cargo ships, passenger liners, containers and ferries. He came ashore in 1978 with a Master Mariner's qualification and began teaching at the Fleetwood Nautical College. He retired from teaching in 2012 but continues to research and write on a number of maritime subjects.


Witherbys Titles


Witherbys titles are developed using scripts developed by technical experts that are peer reviewed within work groups. Typically, they seek to improve understanding of the regulations, recommendations and guidelines issued by Industry.


Witherbys staff have significant expertise in the fields of navigation and hazardous cargoes as well as in the presentation of complex subjects in a graphic and easy to understand manner.


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