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Navigation in Shallow Waters Book

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This publication is a guide to ship handling in shallow waters and the differences that may be experienced when compared with deep water conditions. It contains theoretical and practical information for ships navigating in open water and in confined channels.


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Navigation in Shallow Waters: The Definitive Guide to Safely Navigating Ships in Restricted Waters


This comprehensive guide thoroughly explains the challenges and risks of navigating ships in shallow waters.

The book begins by defining shallow waters and discussing the factors that make them challenging to navigate. It then goes on to examine the specific challenges that are experienced in ship performance when navigating in restricted waters. The book also provides guidance on reducing the risks of grounding, collision, and other accidents in shallow waters.


Key Features:

  • Comprehensive guide to navigating ships in shallow waters
  • Covers the latest research and developments in the field
  • Includes worked examples to help readers understand the concepts
  • Case studies that analyze the causes of various accidents in shallow waters
  • Written by an experienced marine engineer and naval architect


Who Should Read This Book?

  • Ship handlers
  • Marine engineers
  • Naval architects
  • Students of marine engineering and naval architecture
  • Anyone who is interested in learning more about navigating ships in shallow waters


Whether you are a seasoned mariner or simply looking to learn more about navigating ships in shallow waters, “Navigation in Shallow Waters” is your definitive guide.


Content listings:


About the Authors

Author’s Note




Chapter 1 – Shallow Waters

Chapter 2 – Directional Stability

Chapter 3 – A Ship Navigating in a Channel

Chapter 4 – Squat

Chapter 5 – Effect of Current, Tide and Wind

Chapter 6 – The Ship Describing a Curved Path

Chapter 7 – Thrusters

Chapter 8 – Differences in Turning Moments for Different Ship Types

Chapter 9 – Physical Position of the Ship Handler

Chapter 10 – Factors Involved in Stopping a Moving Ship

Chapter 11 – Use of the Anchor as a Ship Handling Tool

Chapter 12 – Emergency Procedures in Ships

Chapter 13 – Embarking and Disembarking Pilots

Chapter 14 – Working Harbour Tugs

Chapter 15 – Rudders and Special Propellers

Chapter 16 – Twin Screw Ships

Chapter 17 – Commercial and Legal Considerations for Masters in Charge of Vessels Moving in Restricted Waters

Appendix A

Appendix B


Reflections of an Experienced Ship Pilot


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