NightShip – The Nav Light Learning Pack


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NightShip – The Nav Light Learning Pack

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NightShip – The Night Shapes and Navigation Light Learning Pack 

Lightship Learning has developed 3D-printed model Night shapes and Navigation lights simulating the possible lights you might encounter at sea at night.  


The night shapes model pack includes the following:  


  • One Large Power-Driven Vessel  
  • One Small Power-Driven Vessel  
  • One Barge   
  • 4 Green, 4 Red, 4 White Pegged Beads  
  • Coloured Sectored Lights 



Each vessel in this collection has a black colour scheme to simulate night shapes and comes with pegged spheres of various colours, giving you the freedom to arrange the lights in any order you desire.  

With this range of model vessels, you have the flexibility and tools to create unique and effective lighting configurations to be able to identify different night shapes at sea and their corresponding lights, to meet your specific needs. 


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