Polar Code, 2016 Edition (I191E) Book


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Polar Code, 2016 Edition (I191E) Book

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The purpose of the Polar Code is to enhance the safety of ships operating in the harsh and remote polar waters, while also minimizing any negative impacts on the environment and people in the area. This code was created as a supplement to existing IMO instruments. It applies to existing ships starting in 2018 and new ships from 2017.



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Polar Code, 2016 Edition (I191E)


The Code acknowledges that polar water operation may impose navigational demands beyond the existing requirements of SOLAS, MARPOL and any relevant binding IMO instruments. The key principles for developing the Polar Code have been to use a risk based approach in determining scope and to adopt a holistic approach in reducing risks. Detail is given on ship structure to ensure integrity is retained in ice conditions and during both global and structural loads. Although the Code is intended to apply to both Arctic and Antarctic waters, the legal and geographical differences between the two areas have been taken into account.


Contents listing:

MSC.385(94) International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code)

MEPC.264(68) International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code)

Part 1A Safety measures
Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Polar Water Operational Manual (PWOM)

Chapter 3 Ship structure

Chapter 4 Subdivision and stability

Chapter 5 Watertight and weathertight integrity

Chapter 6 Machinery installations

Chapter 7 Fire safety/protection

Chapter 8 Lifesaving appliances and arrangements

Chapter 9 Safety of navigation

Chapter 10 Communication

Chapter 11 Voyage planning

Chapter 12 Manning and training

Part 1B Additional guidance regarding the provisions of the Introduction and Part 1A

Part 2A Pollution prevention measures

Chapter 1 Prevention of pollution by oil

Chapter 2 Control of pollution by noxious liquid substances in bulk

Chapter 3 Prevention of pollution by harmful substances carried by sea in packaged form

Chapter 4 Prevention of pollution by sewage from ships

Chapter 5 Prevention of pollution by garbage from ships

Part 2B Additional guidance regarding the provisions of the Introduction and Part 2A


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