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Premium Buoyage Pack

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Premium Buoyage Pack for IALA region A and IALA region B 


Elevate your knowledge of buoyage systems with 3D printed premium buoyage pack with buoy models for IALA Region A and IALA Region B.  


These models provide an immersive learning experience to excel in your studies. Utilizing these intricately crafted models will give you a deeper understanding of buoyage principles, helping you prepare confidently for your exams. Hone your skills with these models to navigate buoyage systems easily and precisely. 



The premium Buoyage pack includes 16 buoys in total and contains the following:  

  • Lateral Marks for both IALA A and IALA B Regions 
  • Preferred Channel Marks for both IALA A and IALA B Regions 
  • The Cardinal Marks  
  • A Special Mark 
  • An Isolated Danger Mark 
  • An Emergency Wreck Buoy 
  • A Safe Water Mark. 



These buoys are designed with distinctive top marks to mirror familiar shapes seen at sea. Each model has a base of around 40mm, with the tallest standing at 70mm, making for a lightweight yet visually striking solution. 


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