Refresher Course for Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting


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Deck > Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting > GALILEO MARITIME ACADEMY > Refresher Course for Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting

Refresher Course for Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting

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The Advanced Fire Fighting course is intended for those who have completed the STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting course which is part of the mandatory basic training for seafarers.

The training consists of practical and theoretical elements with continuous assessment throughout and additional theory elements for those in command and team leader roles. Each learner must take charge of a team and/or area of operations to safely demonstrate the relevant learning objectives.

The course content deals with refreshing the theory of fire and how to prevent it, on-board safety in the event of a fire, use of portable and other fire fighting equipment, and being an effective team member in fighting a fire. It also covers topics such as ventilation control, hazards involving dangerous goods and the effects of fire fighting water on ship stability.

The course is intended to provide five learning outcomes which are:

  • Understand the principles involved in controlling fire fighting operations onboard a vessel
  • Able to control fire fighting operations aboard ship
  • Able to organize and train fire parties
  • Able to inspect and service fire detection and extinguishing systems and equipment
  • Able to investigate and compile reports on incidents involving fire

On completion of the training, the trainees will have knowledge of advanced fire fighting techniques and the precautions to be taken to minimize the risk of fires on ships.