Rocks and Hard Places: How to Avoid Them Book


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Rocks and Hard Places: How to Avoid Them Book

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This guide provides information on how to prevent shipping incidents by outlining proper navigational procedures and voyage planning. It emphasizes the importance of effective bridge team management and the need for both virtual and physical watchkeeping. These measures are implemented to minimize the likelihood of accidents occurring.



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This publication explains the actions personnel can take to avoid shipping incidents. It details the ship’s navigational system and procedures for voyage planning, the need for effective bridge team management and both virtual and physical watchkeeping. All of these factors are designed to reduce the risk of incidents


This guide is designed to bring to the attention of Masters and officers the key factors contributing to groundings and fixed floating object damage. It tests readers’ understanding of navigational equipment and onboard training, encouraging crew to test one another during voyage preparation. The book aims to promote understanding how risks can be minimised through good practice. Most chapters are supported by case studies highlighting poor practice and asking readers to reflect on alternative options.

Contents listing:

Chapter 1 It is Your Responsibility

1.1 Groundings

1.2 Fixed and Floating Objects

1.3 Summary

Chapter 2 Voyage Planning

2.1 IMO Guidelines

2.2 Preparing the Voyage Plan

2.3 Summary

Chapter 3 Monitoring of the Voyage Plan

3.1 Position Monitoring

3.2 Looking Ahead and Real Time Monitoring

3.3 Passing ‘The Con’

3.4 Summary

Chapter 4 Departure from the Voyage Plan

4.1 Summary

Chapter 5 Aids to Navigation

5.1 Testing Each Other’s Knowledge

5.2 Are You a Virtual Watchkeeper?
5.3 Summary

Chapter 6 Navigating with A Pilot on Board

6.1 IMO Recommendations

6.2 Pre-arrival Information

6.3 Berth to Berth Plan

6.4 Master–Pilot Exchange (MPX)

6.5 Monitoring a Vessel During Pilotage

6.6 Monitoring the Pilot

6.7 Maintaining the Master’s Authority

6.8 On Board Training and Procedures

6.9 Summary

Chapter 7 The Bridge Team

7.1 Teamwork and Communication

7.2 Understanding Cultural Issues

7.3 Summary

Chapter 8 Situational Awareness
8.1 Information Overload

8.2 Complacency

8.3 Fatigue

8.4 Poor Communication

8.5 Summary

Chapter 9 Fatigue

9.1 Summary

Chapter 10 Speed and Angle of Approach

10.1 Speed

10.2 Angle of Approach

10.3 Summary

Chapter 11 Tugs

11.1 Planning Tug Operations

11.2 Summary

Chapter 12 Weather Conditions

12.1 Wind

12.2 Restricted Visibility

12.3 Sea State

12.4 Summary

Chapter 13 Machinery Problems


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