Senior Stew Expert – Online


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Barcelona Crew Academy

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Senior Stew Expert – Online

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This package encompasses crucial modules tailored for senior stewardesses, covering essential aspects of service excellence. Gain proficiency in applying various service styles, mastering techniques, and adhering to etiquette. Develop the skills to implement and oversee standard operating procedures for food and beverage services, with a focus on good food hygiene practices and an introductory understanding of wine, including its origins, varieties, and pairing rituals. Elevate your competence and skills to an advanced level by learning to create and implement SOPs for improved service management. Acquire in-depth knowledge of advanced housekeeping and laundry, and master the art of managing guest preferences and concierge skills, propelling you to the next level of proficiency. 


This Package contains the following courses:  

  • Advanced Service/Silver Service 
  • Advance Coffee Barista & Latte Art / Hot Beverages- Unit 11  
  • Advanced Bartending & Mixology level 2 – Unit 15 
  • Cigar Service Unit 06 
  • Advanced Wine Appreciation Level 2 –  Unit 13 


The training provided by Barcelona Crew Academy includes a Diploma Certificate and is awarded by, the Guest Program- IAMI 

 Details to take note of:

Once you have purchased the course, you will be enrolled and gain access to the online platform to undertake your self-study and complete assessments. You will also be required to attend the class either in person or live stream. 

Assessment process:

Assessment Criteria is achieved through the assessment process of practical demonstrations by applying skills, supported by Assessments through final exams and assignments testing.