Shipboard Drills Book


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Shipboard Drills Book

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Here is a helpful guide for planning and executing drills while onboard a vessel. These drills cover a range of topics, such as fire, man overboard, collisions, groundings, piracy attacks, oil spills, hull damage, enclosed space rescues, blackouts, lifeboats, and emergency towing.



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Shipboard Drills eBook


This book provides guidance on how to run meaningful onboard drills. It covers 18 different drills, outlining the objectives, format and debrief considerations. It also lists general drill guidelines and provides suggested frequency schedules for statutory and non-statutory drills.


Content Listing:

Shipboard Drills

1. The Muster List

2. Lifeboat Drills

3. Rescue Boat Drill

4. Fire Drill

5. Passenger Drills

6. Emergency Steering Drill

7. Enclosed Space Rescue: Training and Drills

8. Pirate Attack Drill

9. ISPS/Security Drill

10. Oil Spill Response Drill

11. Hull Damage/Flooding (Damage Control) Drill

12. Helicopter Drill

13. Grounding/Stranding Drill

14 Emergency Towing Drill

15. Man Overboard Drill

16. Blackout/Power Failure – Bridge Response

17. First Alert Drill

18. Collision Drill

19. Break Away from Berth Drill