STCW 2010 Crowd Management



The course is available to personnel assigned on Muster lists to aid passengers during emergencies. It's structured to fulfill the standards set forth in Regulations V/2, paragraph 4 of the STCW Convention and Code 1978, as amended.

Upon completing the course successfully, participants receive a certificate from the college on behalf of the Marshall Island Ship Registry.

Training Outcome:

There are three outcomes to the training

Outcome 1: The learner is aware of shipboard life saving appliance and control plans.

Outcome 2: The learner is able to assist passengers en route to muster and embarkation stations.

Outcome 3: The learner is able to carry out mustering procedures.

Course Contents:

After the course candidates will have the knowledge of:

What constitutes a muster list, its location(s) and individual muster duties.

Location of emergency exits.

Restrictions on the use of elevators.

Importance of giving clear reassuring orders and describe how to give them.

Control passengers in corridors, staircases and passageways.

Importance of keeping escape routes clear of obstructions.

Methods of evacuating disabled persons and others needing special assistance.

How to conduct a search of accomodation spaces.

Mustering procedures.

Importance of keeping order.

Procedures for reducing and avoiding panic.

Use of passenger lists for evacuation counts.

Need for passengers to be suitably clothed and identify what constitutes suitable clothing.

Demonstrate, for the benefit of others (i.e. passengers), how to correctly don a lifejacket.


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