The Pocket Book of Anchoring Book


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The Pocket Book of Anchoring Book

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Here is a useful and informative guide to modern anchoring equipment, seamanship practices, and the problems that come with them.



This publication is available in ebook format. If you wish to purchase a printed copy, kindly reach out to us at:




The Pocket Book of Anchoring 


A practical and informative guide to modern anchoring equipment, seamanship practices and their associated problems. 


This guide provides a thorough overview of anchoring principles and practices. It covers all aspects of modern anchoring, including anchor types and design, chain maintenance (including damage and loss prevention), wind effects, and anchor operation. Additionally, it offers solutions to common anchoring problems and helps users select the best anchor and anchoring technique for any situation.

Contents Listing:

Anchor Types 

Testing the Anchors 

Anchor Design 

Anchor and Chain Damage and Loss 

The Holding Power of Anchors 

The Chain 

Shackles and Joining Gear 

The Windlass 

The Wind and Current Effect 

Wind/Current Forces and Holding Powers 



Anchorage Types 


Responsibilities in Anchorages 

Approach to the Anchorage 

Choosing the Anchor Position 

Methods of Anchoring and Mooring 

Anchoring to a Single Anchor 

Which Anchor? 

Using Both Anchors 

After Anchoring 

The Anchor watch 


Standing Moor 

Running Moor 

Berthing Using Anchors 

Manoeuvring with Anchors 

Large Vessels 

Hanging off an Anchor 

When the Anchor Drags 

Ground Tackle Maintenance 

Anchor Markings 

Heaving Anchor 


Anchoring Terms 




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