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Exploring Yachting as a Career Option? Before spending thousands of dollars, this €299 online E-learning Package is an affordable way to help you explore available career options and determine if this is the industry for you.

Progressive Crew Career Programme

Academy by Ephemeris Endorses the Progressive Crew Career Program as the Best Way to Fast Track Your Career in Superyachting

The luxury yacht industry can be complex and overwhelming for newcomers. Academy by Ephemeris understands this and encourages aspiring crew members to sign up for the Progressive Crew Career Program (PCCP) instead of relying on hearsay and glossy stories.

The PCCP is a comprehensive E-learning program that covers all aspects of yacht operations, including Deck, Interior, Sailing, Safety, Service, and more. It is designed to give students a deep understanding of the different job roles on yachts and what they entail in reality.

By completing the E-Learning course package, you will not only gain a completion certificate that crew agents and employers can take seriously, but you will also unlock other opportunities:

  • An apprenticeship program that provides €118,000 worth of practical training alongside e-learning modules.
  • The opportunity to participate in the 28-day Safe Passage to the Industry Programme
  • An opportunity to create a professional profile and share your PCCP certificate with our network of preferred crew recruitment agencies using our Free CV builder.

Academy by Ephemeris is proud to endorse the PCCP as the best way for newcomers to fast-track their careers on luxury yachts. It is the most comprehensive and effective way to learn about the yacht industry and prepare for a successful career.

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